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World Robotics Olympiad ( WRO ) winners , Lego , EV3 programming
2016 - World Robotics Olympiad

Represented India at International WRO open category. Sponsored by NCSM and STEM INDIA.

Nobel Prize Series INDIA winner , ideathon , IISC bangalore, Vibrant Gujarat.
2017 - Nobel Prize Series India 

Ideathon winner and invited for Nobel Prize Series India 2017 under Vibrant Gujarat.

First robowar wireless bot , SMIT , technical fest
2017 - KaalRav SMIT

20 kg robowar winners at Technical festival of SMIT. 1st robowar bot of Eminence Robotics

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite Award. NIF , Innovation , tea making machine
2017 - IGNITE Award by NIF India

Won Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ignite award for our Patent applied Manual Tea Making Machine for Specially Abled. It was organised by National Innovation Foundation.

Ashoka India Innovators
2018 - Ashoka India

Recognised as Chnagemakers by Ashoka India for Manual Tea Making Machine for Specially Abled.

Tech Expo winners, Techniche, IIT Guwahati
2018 - Techniche

Winners in Techexpo 2018 organised under Techniche IIT Guwahati.​​

2018 - Tecnoesis 

Winners in Robowar (30 kg) and Robosoccer at Tecnoesis NIT Silchar. The robowar bot was named as Chilarai, it was NE's first 2.4Ghz wireless combat robot.

NIT patna robowar
2019 - NIT Patna

Winners of Robowars (10kg) and Hurdle Race at Technical fest of NIT Patna. 


Winners of Roadrunner and Robo triathlon at KIIT Bhubaneswar.

Special Mention at Innovation Challenge under Kiitfest for developing "Mind controlled Electronic Stimulation of Paralysed Muscles".

2019 - AEC Technical Fest

Winners of Robowar (10kg) and Robosoccer at technical fest of Assam Enginnering College

2019 - JEC Technical Fest

Winners of Robowar(10kg), Robosoccer and Roboroyal at techncial fest of Jorhat Engineering College.

2019 -  Yantra Roar

Winners of Robosoccer at Yantra Roar organised by  Girjananda Institute of Management and Technology, Assam.

2019 - SMIT technical fest

Winners of Robowars and Robotic Arm at Technical fest of SMIT institute.

2019 -  Techniche 

Made fastest Post Climbing bot for Escalade Techniche IIT Guwahati.

2019 - Techniche

Made India's Fastest Line Follower robot with an average speed of 85 cm/sec

2019 - Techniche

Runners up at Stack It UP challenge at Techniche IIT Guwahati.


Made North East's 1st and only professional 15kg combat robot (BAGH)  with weapon as Electric Lifter and participated at technical fest of VIT Vellore.

2019 - JEC Technical Fest

Winners at Hurdle Race, Robosoccer and Robo Royal at technical fest of Jorhat Engineering college.

2019 - Srijan 1.0

Winners at a pitching event Srijan 1.0 organised by NIT Silchar.
Manual Tea Making Machine for specially abled was pitched.


Winners in Innovation Challenge at KIIT Bhubaneswar for our TRL 5 product Infrawake - ICT based device to prevent drowsy driving.

Winners in B-plan event.

Runners up in Robo Triathlon event.

2020 - Tecnoesis

Winners and Runners up in Robowars (8kg)  of  Tecnoesis, NIT Silchar.

Made North East's 1st and only professional vertical spinner combat robot (VOLTRON 2.0). 

2020 - AEC Tech fest

Winners in Robowars (8kg) and Robosoccer at technical fest of Assam Engineering College.

2020 - Techathon X1

Winners in Techathon-X1 by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. Of India.

Presented #Infrawake with ICT implementation.

( It is a plug and play designed product to prevent accidents due to Drowsy Driving, by overcome the demerits of Open CV, and informing it to the respective concerned people of the drivers)

2020 - AgriHacks

Winners In AgriHacks 2020

AgriHacks e-Ideathon is an Inter-college National level hackathon organised by TEQIP-III and JEC-ASSAM aimed to promote IOT based solutions for the Indian Agricultural Sector.

Project presented - AISMV( Automatic irrigation system using machine vision)

2021 - ProjectoMania

Winners in Projectomania organised by Technex St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering and Technology under their technical fest Technex 21.

Product shown : Safesync-IOT.

Hardware hackathons
2021 - RTU Poornima Hackathon

Secured 1st prize in RTU-POORNIMA Hackathon 2021.

Solution Presented : Automatic Optimal Irrigation using Machine Vision

Category : Both Hardware and Software

Total Applicants : 1700 across the Nation.


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